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My first UDS and a smoke at work (Ribs & Salmon)

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I started with this ugly barrel I got from local restaraunt. This has been burnt and I put in 4 3/4 inch pipe nipples with caps on three and a 1/4 trun ball valve on one
I decided to go with 2 racks and Joanne thought the silver on the stainless steel bolts were nice so I didn't paint them. I also have a small whole between the racks for my temp gauge. The bossman sent your young labourer to get the grills from Edmonton (a 2 hr drive from the job site) LMAO he came back with a bill for $75 and 2 really nice Weber grills.


My basket is an old grill from my hibatchi with 4"D x 12"Wx 15"L expanded metal wired to it. I have 5" carrige bolts to hold the basket 4" inches from the bottom. I am using royal oak lump and rounds of birch.


 And here is how the day started

6:30 am getting things started

Was no problem to get the UDS to hold 225 for over 12 hr with one basket. ( I just continued the burn to see how long it would last)

On go the ribs and a chunk of 2x4 to hold the probe.

The ribs are 2 diffrent kinds I soaked both over night in OJ then got Jeff's rub, half the ribs I added Cayanne pepper and crushed pepper flakes. I made a sauce of OJ and orange marmilade with some montreal steak spice, and one with OJM and cayanne sauce with more pepper flakes (this stuff is hot)

I wasn't thinking when I put these on the hot ones are on top so wde had all hot ribs lol. After 2 hrs on goes the fish

I used pickling salt, brwn sugar, garlic and onion powder,soy sauce and 2 cups water for a brine for the fish

Here I am oblivious to the fact the hot sauce is dripping on my mild ribs LOL (bossman has my camera gathering evidense that i don't work)
Everything turned out great. Gotta love getting paid to smoke.

And I only cut my ribs small to avoid handling the food as much as possible
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lol, Now there's proof you don't do any work. j/k Everything looks great, Dennis. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Nice job!
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you got it made Dennis! are ya hiring?
The food looks great, but I'm not sure I want a piece of SPF holding my probe if it gets to hot and starts smoldering...
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That looks great Dennis !! Great job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job Dennis, on both the drum and the smoke!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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If that starts to smolder it would be burning my fish
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Looks like a mighty fine feed, ya better keep that boss! Guys like him er hard ta find!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks Great, Nice Job...
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It all look very good.
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