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Spare rib question

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Whenever we buy & smoke spare ribs we always trim them down. We take off the long bone & all the meat that's with it. We usually put it in the smoker & use it for soups. Does anybody just remove the membrane & smoke the whole rack the way it comes? We have some spares to smoke this weekend & I was thinking of trying it that way. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, Al
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I do that quite often, as long as the rack of spares can fit in the smoker. Sometimes I trim just enough to get them to fit. Usually nota problem with a GOSM big block.
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Many times I just remove the membrane and smoke them I probably smoke more untrimmed than trimmed
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Works well either way. The one benefit I like of cutting the skirt off and smoking it seperate is that you can pull it off after three hours and chop it up for a sandwich.... or chop it up and add it to a pan of Dutch's Wicked Baked beans! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I leave'm untrimmed. We like the extra meat.
Happy smoke'n
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I have smoked them both ways but I think that I trimm them so I could have a chunk or two to eat about halfway. Why trim anyway it's all good meat.
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Same here.
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i ahve smoked them whole in the past, and this can certainly be done successfully. the only real complication i've found is the different thicknesses of meat make cooking times a challenge, but careful tending of teh ribs and the fire negate this problem.

lately, i've started trimming them just for appearances sake and so that i can serve up the racks and brisket trimmings separately as an "appearance thang...."
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Personally I St Louis trim spares. The appearance if better, otherwise eatin is the same.

The trimmed portion, I'm like others use for beans, chop up for other dishes, even make pork hash for breakfast.
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I don't trim spares, puts more on the plate fer the customers! Learn the hot spots in yer smoker an make sure the thicker meat is over them is all.
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Thanks for al your help. I think were gonna smoke them whole & see what happens. Will let you'all know how it turns out.
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That's exactly what I do when I trim... which I don't do all the time

I smoked these the way they came from Restaurant Depot... they were outstanding.
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