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Hi, all,
I am going to buy a couple of thermometers for my Brinkmann Pitmaster. I've been looking at a Taylor. http://www.4thegrill.com/tay814.html

Is that a good brand? I'd rather buy a couple of Tru-tel's, but they are quite a bit more expensive. I'm working on a budget so I want to try to keep the cost down.

The other thing I was concerned about is the fact that these only have a 2-1/2" stem. Not sure if that will be far enough into the chamber for accurate readings, but anything with longer stems, again, cost quite a bit more. Would these still give me an accurate enough reading?

I suppose anything is still better than nothing, but I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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I have this and like it.


Depending on your smoker there is also a et73 that some people like for checking the smoker temp and the meat.

Hope this helps.
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I went to my neighborhood Target, got a Taylor digital, folding display, timer. Reads to 380 something...Probe on cord. I run the probe through a hunk of mesquite. Other people use a 'tater or ball of foil to hold the probe. When it's time to check the meat, I just retrieve the probe, stab the meat, wait just a moment. It isn't the fancy receiver in the house kind, and ya can't have the display out in the 200 * sun--oh wait, you aren't in Phoenix! Direct sunlight makes the display black out. Temporary condition, but irritating. And $17. I need some more, and the Maverick w/2 probes...Good luck!
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