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Quick smoked green chili cheese burgers W/Qview And A Storrm Brewing W Rainbows

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I was going to do a turkey pastrami but I felt it wasn't cured enough, so that will be tomorow.

Carol was looking for a smoked burger for lunch and I was out and promised to do some tonight to have on hand.

First the storm and some rainbows to share.

It changed by the minute.

High winds forced me in.

You can see the reflections from the sun off the windows in the valley on the left below.

It never did rain, and I am now back on the patio enjoying some hickory style TBS at 175'. Ahh.

These are from Sam's I used to buy my ground chuck and make my own, but these are pretty good and cheaper.

Painted with Youshidas, garlic, and lemon pepper.

I got these for 5 for a dollar at Albertson's.

Thanks for watching.
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Sorry my original post was not complete with anything and the title was not complete, I asked Pineywoods to fix it and in 10 minutes it was done, Thanks Jerry.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice pics of the rainbows but no rain????? That's weird.....
Did you eat all those burgers???? lol Did ya smoke them???? PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
post #4 of 17 you have any idea where I can lay my hands on some of that Yoshida's sauce? Sure looks good, but have not seen it anywhere out here on the east coast.
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Looks good, Ron! Hoser, Sam's Club carries the Yoshida even out here in the wild west.
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Not entirely true Bassman. I get mine at Sam's but my friend Dave in Tenn can't get it there at his Sam's. So I shipped him a bottle and the damned shipping was 18 dollars, 3 times the cost of the sauce, but there was another goodie in there. If there was a cheap way to ship it I would send you a bottle.

Camera is charging, will post final pics latter.
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Cool pics Ron. No Q-view through the glass?
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Fed Ex ground is usually the cheapest. 18 bucks seams a bit steap for one bottle to ship. The yoshida original is good stuff. I haven't used it for years. Might be time to marinate some ribs and smoke them. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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In Calif Costco carries Yoshida. Just got some a few weeks ago
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Smoked burgers sounds good ron. Now for your shipping problem go to post office and they have if it fits it ships boxes 4 sizes and it cheap if I remember right. It's like 7 or 8 bucks you might just get a few bottles in there.
Ps do you want my address. B u d d y
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For what it's worth:
If it will fit in a USPS Priority Mail box...( and they have some good size ones.) the box is free and the weight doesn't effect the cost. Its a very reasonable service that most people overlook.
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No window shot Shawn, I forgot to clean it when it was cold and ddidn't want to spray alcohol while running, I have done that before without thinking. icon_redface.gif

Thanks for the shipping tips guys I will have to try and remember that.

Now for more Qview and the finish.

When burgers were almost done added some chopped green chilis.

Then mexican blend cheese.

Last minute had an idea. Turkey bacon, yes.

Carol already had a snack, one missing.

On the bun with some salsa.


Sorry for the blurry close ups, I guess I need to figure that out,

That's all.

Thx for watching.
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Yoshida's web site says it is available at Sam's and Costco.

I shop at both occasionally, but never looked for it.
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Tasty looking Ron, How come it's only on one???PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Carol wanted hers naked and the rest are hers.icon_mrgreen.gif Always listen to the woman of the house.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Well, I'lln be heading south in a couple months for vacation...maybe they have it in Florida?
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Amen, brother.. A M E N!
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