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Smoked Chuckie Take One

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After getting favorable feedback on using chuck roast for pulled beef, I picked up a small 3# one tonight at Kroger to give it a whirl. I'm using CaJohns Carolina BBQ rub on this since I've had it in my cupboard for sometime now. We'll see how it goes tonight. Thanks for the tips again, as always!
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Great Start, keep the qview coming...
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About 2.5 hours in, it's hitting 145 or so. I might pull and foil it at 170 to see how that turns out. What do you think?

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Sounds like a good plan. I love pulling chuckies for sandwhiches or enchilada's or... you get the point.. I typically foil mine at 165 to 175 with a bit of the mop till it hits 205.
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What he said for pulling. For slicing, I remove it from the smoker at 151° and let it rest without foil. Comes out medium-rare.
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What Rich said. Good luck whatever you do. Looks good so far.
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Thanks folks. I wish I could buy everyone a beer on here that has posted tips and advice, both directly and indirectly, to my smoking endeavours.
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I finally pulled it around 2am @ 205 to some foil and the cooler. I pulled it apart about 2:30am and this is what I got. The smoke flavor was not as strong as I had hoped, I used hickory wood chips, about 6 1/2 cup loads over the first 4 hours. This was done in a 30" MES, and took about 6 hours for a 3# chuck at 245 degrees.

Lunch should be good tomorrow!

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Looks delicious, nice job!!
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Looks nice and juicy Grue, good job...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That's a nice looking roast! Thanks for sharing.
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Great looking chuckie.

points.giffor your first!
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Thanks all. I wish it had been as juicy as it looked. The fat didn't really render down as much as I had hoped. It tasted good, but we think the pork butts easily outweigh the chuckies any day!
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Yum, awesome looking Q...

I did two slightly bigger chucks 2 weeks ago and pulled one at 195 and rested 30 min, and the other at 215, and both looked like yours, but didn't pull, yet they sliced just like butter. I think I could have pulled if I wanted to put a little muscle to it, but hey sliced they were awesome with a 50/50 bbq sauce and au jus. You said the smoke flavor wasn't as strong as you hoped for. Wait until the next day, you will really notice it then.
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Great looking Que...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great! I hope to try some sort of pulled beef for some mexican food soon. Thanks 4 the great Q-view
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Looks really good to me there Gruelurks. As far as your smoke flavor you used hickory chips they should have smoked but hickory usually take higher heat to smoke.
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