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WOW looks like great Q!

Just one question, how far from the ocean?
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Awesome looking que and looks like a killer party. You had 2 Cali parrotheads there in spirit. Did you tell my story?
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I did tell the Pop Tart story several times. All thought it was hilarious
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I just wish I would have had a camera to take a picture of the shoe
True life encounters are soo funny sometimes
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parrot heads

Our parrot head group here has a big 3 day garage sale for st judes every year. then it's off to radio margaritaville for the evening while we enjoy CBIP and marqs.
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I've been to every Jimmy buffet concert in south louisiana and the coast of Miss. since 1976. Have to say the best one was at the holiday inn in boluxi Miss. Jimmy and the band were staying there i guess and i had just come in from getting a lil buzz on the beach. Walked by the lounge and heard buffet music . Thought to myself hey they play good tunes here. went in and it was jimmy and the band . They put on
one of the best shows iv'e seen them do. in the lounge at the holiday inn.
If i'm not mistaken he refers to it in one of his songs.
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Wow... I can only count one concert under our belt. We are not on the big concert circuits up here in Montana. Still it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.
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The really funny thing happend yesterday morning while getting ready for the party. I turned on the XM radio that is almost always set to Maragita ville radio. The song that was playing was "Margarita Ville" The wife and I looked at each other and sang "Stepped on a pop tart" and just laughed out heads off.
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looks like everyone had a great time ~ wish i'd have been there!
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Been to three concerts myself! It's not just the music, it's the attitude!
Totally chill, sucking on a brew, laid back, and grooving to the music!
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My wife and I have been to at least 20 of his concerts. One of the very best was in Irvine. We took the motorhome with 300# of sand and palm trees and did a nice BBQ in the parking lot. Guy next to us built a palapa hut bar and the guy next to him drug in a 40' yacht. One guy had an ice slide and you would hand them your drink and they would pour it down the chute for you to drink - lost a lot of brain cells at JB concerts
Love the whole experience
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Great smoke, great party and a great thread!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
Wish I'd of been there.....icon_cry.gif
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