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Your 10 hr view is looking pretty darn good and tasty! Good luck and keep us posted!
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Good point. I guess I will up the number. Another 30 should be ok. Thanks for your input paul. points.gif
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Ok... here it is:

What do you think?
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looks just right to me!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks like its gonna be a mighty fine feast, and since I'll be partaking, I can hardly wait. There will be plenty of food, I can assure all of you, having been at this party in the past. Lots of side dishes, there will be at least 2 batches of Dutches beans and 5# of smoked chicken thighs that I'm aware of going his direction too. Oh yeah, two gallons of hurricane mix (pre rum) is waiting to get stirred up alsoPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Gettin a little smoke on the ribs
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I would be in heaven at this party!!! Not trying to amend my carniverous habit!!!
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As a bigtime Parrothead we were really bummed that Jimmy cancelled his CA tour. Your party sounds awesome. And just for grins ya need to throw at least one cheesburger on the list
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As a parrot head from WAY back i wish i could be there for this party.
Son of a son of a sailor, Bob
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for whatever reason I can't see your images, the image is replaced with "this image was either deleted or moved / photobucket".
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YH - i can't see the images anymore, either - i was able to see them last time i posted.

pix or no pix, wish i was there - sounds great!
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Got the "Cheeseburger thing" covered. Stay tuned for more q-view! I also fixed the prob with the pictures.
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Behold... The Cheeseburger Cake

What do you think??? It's gonna be a shame to cut into that puppy!!!icon_smile.gif

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That is awesome - had to get out a napkin for all the saliva

Funny story - wife and I are in line for the porta potties at a JB concert.
Young girl (18 or so ) walks up with duct tape all and I do mean all over her flip flop. Her girlfriend says "OH you blew out your flip flop" and the reply is .................................................. .................................................. .........
" YUP - I stepped on a POP TART "

I almost drowned in the beer I was drinking at the time
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pictures are working again and it looks great!
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OMG... The wife just almost peed on herself

She just told me she is glad that she was not in line for the porta pottie. Can I tell that story at the party tomorrow?
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Please do - we have laughed at that one for 5 years.
You have no idea how much I want to be there tomorrow
Have a wonderful time an remember two very important things
1 Everybody has a cousin in Miami
2 There is a fine line between Saturday Nite and Sunday morning - this has been my credo for as long as I can remember
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Food is looking Great...
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Awesome! Again I SAY AWESOME!


FLIPPY FLOPPS and Juicy Fruit!

Go WELL with Smoked MEAT!

Keep the Rotors Turning!
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It's in the bag!

Ok... It's all over except for about 3 days worth of clean-up hehe!
Me at the grill for 2 hours before the party

Some of the ribs getting a spicy peach glaze.

My cut... What's the fun if you can't get the good stuff for yourself, right?

The ABT's getting their "Thang" on.

The "Spread" beeing guarded by our dog.

OTBS Knight #166 was put in charge of the Bar (He did a great job!!!)

Total headcount:73 (give or take some kids)
Nobody went home hungry. One 18 year old kid ate 4 plates full of Q.
Starting to plan next years
Thanks for lookingicon_mrgreen.gif
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