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jerky question

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Bought some Jerky cure from Bass Pro today and was wondering what is the best cut of beef for making Jerky. Thanks.

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There's not really a best...I just use a cheap cut like a bit of trimming and slice away. Anything you have around will do.

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We just did some and used eye of round and it is very lean and turned out great
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I use any cheap Lean meat, londen broil when on sale-u don't want to use a meat that has fat running through it-and is best to try and trim any fat out-it will ransid on u. good luck.
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I would second that, not much trim work involved.
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Thanks for all the replies. I guess there is no need to be that specific making Jerky. I will go to the local Publix to see what they have on sale. I will try to make some this weekend thanks again.
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I hope the best seasoning for jerky is the one you just bought. But there are alot out there you just have to start tring them and fine one. I don't have a clue but I'm sure there will be someone here soon.
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I found some nice looking London Broil on sale today for my first Jerky. Got some fishing to do tomorrow, smoking pork butt Saturday and Jerky Sunday. I will post a new Jerky thread on Sunday with my results. Thanks for the help!
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Just picked up some tonight at Costco. Pretty inexpensive and makes great meat for jerky!
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I use eye of round. It doesn't have alot of fat that needs to be trimmed off! Hang the Jerky by toothpicks and you can get alot more in the smoker.

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