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Bone in pork loin

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Yet another weekend with some smoking. This time I went to my new faverite butcher or the only one I know and pick out this whole bone in pork loin. It weighed in at about 21 lbs and said it was 1.20 a lb. I say I'll take the whole thing so I had him cut it in half and crack the connecting plates so I could cut off chops as big as I wanted. Then I took half and hit it with the rub and now it's in the refrig for the night.

This loin was rubbed with a new rub called ole country boy's rub from lake city it tasted good with a little chili powder and chopitle seasoning that I could smell in it. I willbe smoking it at about 240-250 with alitlle oak. It seems to need alittle more heat to smoke it got what it needed.This in the smoker and at about 140 and ready for a good spitzing and back in.

Then this is out and posing for the camera before the foil and into the cooler.

Then it's the first slice looks good sorry for the flash but I wanted to get a close up and maybe too close.

We really enjoyed it and hope you do too Thanks for looking.
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Looks good to me!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice job, Mark. Looks delicious. What temp did you take it to?
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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That really looks like a fine piece of meat you got there. Was it juicy?
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Looks tasty as someone else asked What temp did you take it to?
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yea BABY!!! YEA! Nice job on the pork!
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Great smoke my friend, and thanks for the Q View.
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I took it to about 170 alittle to long for me but it was quite juicy and later it dried out for the next day. We just got a pasta pot that has a steaming pot in it and we steamed it hot the next day and it was fantastic.
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