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Water tray question for a noob?

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I just got a Royal Oaks electric smoker and have been reading here for a couple days. Im gonna try it out. My question is do people really use the water tray? I have read about the wood can being closer to the heating element and inderstand that, but what are people doing about the water tray??
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I have the same rig, I have used the water tray for every smoke so far, which includes BB Ribs, Chicken and Pork Shoulder a couple of things I have found. 1. Foil the tray it's easier for clean-up 2. Fill it with hot water when starting and refilling. 3. I've noticed that the temp tends to spike if the tray gets empty.
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What do you do for your heating element? How often do you refill the water??
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Not sure what your question is about the heating element. I start with a full pan of hot water and depending on how long your smoke is i.e. pork shoulder took 8 hours I filled it 3 times.
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Just wondering if you keep it where it is by the water tray or if yo uput it on the heating element. Like some others have said to do.
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no i keep it where it is. I have read that you can get cold spots on your element by putting something directly on it. So I have left everything standard.
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I have a different smoker, but the only time I dont use water or some liquid (beer, apple juice, etc..) is when I'm making jerky.
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Definately use the water tray. I poor a little hot water in about every 2 hours. Do yoursefl a favor and line your water tray with foil. It will make cleaning a lot easier.
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I use a differant smoker also but I have always used the water pan with many differant things in it. It there anyway for a reason and I think thats is to regulate the tempature in the smoke box. It will keep it more constant temp and a moist heat. So there's my 2 pennies
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I always use mine right where its supposed to be. lining the tray with foil is a great idea it sure helps with cleanups.

I have a metal watering can with a very long spout on it for re filling with boiling hot water as needed.

If you start with cold water you will add at least 20 minutes to your start time than if you start with near boiling water.

There are those who use sand in the water pan as a heat sink instead of water I have not really tried that method.
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