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there are ways to burn it off, and chemically remove it, and in both cases, it's hazardous to do unless you're experienced with either caustic materials handling, handling hazmat, or vapor trapping.

I wouldn't recommend trying it.
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Thanks for all the input. I have thrown out the galvanized dog dish and made a rack just above the element and am using the bottom inch of a coffee can as the chip pan. Trying it out now, hopefully I get smoke.

I'm not trying to argue, just understand. Why is it ok to put a metal pan on the element in my Little Chief Smokehouse but not in the Char Broil H2o Smoker?
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There's a huge thread about galvanized metal in smokers/cookers over at, it's about 4-5 pages long already with a slew of links. One of the most notable comments is that if galvanized metal wasn't safe to use, why are their galvanized parts on grills? One of the included links also shows that in order to be affected from the fumes of galvanized metal, you first need to BURN it at temps exceeding 900+ degrees. NOBODY cooks at that temp and the only way you can produce that is using a BGE registering the temp at the dome and in the fire itself, as per the Naked Wiz's website. Furthermore, unless you are using a Plasma Torch or Acetyline Torch, you're NOT going to hit those temperatures by a long shot, especially cooking low and slow, you never get much over 225-250. NOW, that being said, I suggest any further questions be referred to that post located here:

While there is so much debate about it, known symptoms include nausia, quesiness and an overall sick to the stomach feeling that can normally be corrected by drinking a glass of milk. But again, I doubt any person who BBQs is ever going to hit those critical temperatures to have to worry.

Just my $.02 worth.
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I'll bet the red hot element the pan was sitting on is really close if not hotter than 900*. As mulepackin stated he melted aluminum on his which has to be around 1200*. Not worth taking a chance over a $3.00 pan.
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I know that the sawdust pan from the "Sausage Makers" smoke generator is made of galvanized steel. It doesn't sit on a hot plate though, you start the sawdust with a 1500 watt charcoal starter and the air blowing on it keeps the embers going.

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The way it's been explained to me is the material on the outside of the element is some type of ceramic. This was told to me by both the tech guys at Brinkmann & Char-Broil. According to both guys they said you would end up with cold spots in the element. Also, if you look at the way the element sits in the Char Broil, you'll see there's so support out on the end which means it will bend, more so when it gets hot. I still stand with putting unsoaked chunks in between the element. Not being familiar with the construction of the element in your Little Chief, I can't really say, but suspect that the construction of the element might be different.
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I've used a 10 inch stainless dog dish with a used Revere ware stainless cover, and 1/4 in holes drilled in it.  Worked ok, seemed to heat up too fast with chips. Maybe sawdust would work better.  I now use a 10 in cast Lodge cast iron skillet with a dome cast iron cover, 1/4 inch holes drilled also.  Cast iron gives real consistent, even heat.  Great thin blue smoke.  Wood distills in the pan, doesn't burn and turn into white ash.  No harsh taste. 

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Great post Caveman --- I don't think anyone would come down on you for posting information that is true and accurate and that may save someone a problem down the road. 

People like you is the reason I am here. I have a lot to learn and rely on the varied expertise of the members here.

Keep up the good work and posting !


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Even my hound, drinks and eats from stainless steel.

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