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Chuckie Bonanza

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Doing four chuckies today in the Bradley. They average about 3 lbs each. Rubbed them with evoo and my rub, smoker temp 250 and using a mix of oak and cherry.

I am also smoking eggs at the same time. Later I will add onions and paprika, after the chuckies are done.
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Those are going to be good, Dawn! Chuck roast is one of my favorite smoked meats. Don't forget the finished pics.
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Nice start Dawn! I can't wait to see more!
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Very nice looking cuts Dawn, do you plan on slicing or pulling?
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5 hours in to the smoke the top two are stalled at 146 for an hour so far, the bottom two are reading 164.

The eggs have been pulled out of the smoker and the paprika has been put in.

I flipped the two stalled chuckies over and swapped out the racks, moving the top ones to the bottom and the bottom to the top.

I'm planning on pulling the chuckies.
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Nice looking chcukies. Going to be some good eating
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I like meat.

I like these pictures. :D

Oh and my Bradley tends to run a bit cooler closer to the door, and the further up you go (further away from the element). Sometimes rotating the racks in helps even out cooking times.
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That's because the element is in the back on the bottom. I usually rotate the racks about half way through a smoke.
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I am curious about the eggs. Does this "hard boil" them so to speak? Can you taste the smoke at all. This is new to me. Sorry for the ignorance!
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No problem. Yes, it does kind of "hard boil" them.

This was one I had done before:

The smoke taste is not strong, imo, but it's still there.
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You beat me to the question! I've NEVER heard of smoking eggs.

Dawn.. please to tell!
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Looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif gonna be some fine dining
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After about 7 1/2 hrs the chuckies are coming along nicely. I'm hoping one will be a bit faster and be done in time for dinner. Who knows. lol They are all about 170 give or take a couple of degrees.

The paprika after 3 hrs.

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Smoker temp is 250, the smoke time is about 3 hrs for large eggs that are raw, straight from the fridge. Make sure to keep them away from any known hot spots, lol, or the egg shell will explode after the egg has cooked. I usually use mesquite, but am using a mix of oak and cherry this time. Should be interesting.
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As a newly anoited chuckie fanatic, I hope these turn out great for you!
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Dawn those chuckies look really really good and the eggs seem good too. Great job again PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Pulled one out of the smoker at 190, sliced and dinner is ready.

Smoked paprika smells awesome!

The color doesn't do it justice. icon_sad.gif
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Points for getting it done for dinner.
Looks great.
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Nice smoke, Dawn! You gave me another good reason for stocking up on chuckies...gotta get one going again, SOON!


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Eggs (obviously) tongue.gif

The other 3 chuckies. They still need to be pulled.

Might just "chuck" them in the fridge tonight and slice them tomorrow.
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