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Those of you who are black-and-tan fans, I highly recommend the Brutul! check it out here...

My wife got me one for my birthday a couple years back and it's amazing how easy it makes pouring a black-and-tan.
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That is the most wonderful creation EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need one now!
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And just like that... It's ordered...

Merry Christmas to me!
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LOL.....You won't be disappointed!! It works great, pours to perfection every time and it's also a great conversation piece - I mean, pouring a beer over a turtle's back? It's awesome! I believe I poured the beer in my picture with it.
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It is definetley a cool piece. I can't wait to give it a shot...
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Excuse my ignorance, but after the pour and serve, you mix it when you drink it, right?
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Generally, you get entirely stout in the first few sips. As you work your way down, the flavors begin to mix into a beautiful blend of brewed barley bliss!!!
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like ^^^^^ said... You do not want to mix them yourself. Just let the two wonderful beers meet halfway and enjoy!

A black and tan traditionally consists of guiness and bass ale. This just another form of it.
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That looks great. Going to give it a try tonight with a nice cigar. Thanks for sharing!
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Anytime! Enjoy!!!
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One of my favorite versions is known as an "Oprah".

Thats Fat Tire with Guiness. Black & fat, get it? biggrin.gif
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I'll take the empty bottles for my collection... Or you can leave them full and I will empty them for you...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I finally got mine in the mail yesterday!!! It is even cooler then they show you on the web site!!! Thanks for the info. I love it!
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Glad to hear it, it's definitely a fun little tool.
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I was even surprised that the wife thuoght that it was cool... Usually she would say "WHY THE HECK DID YOU SPEND MONEY ON THAT!?!?!"
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So I got a four pack of the Youngs Double Chocolate Stout draft cans and I'm looking forward to trying some concoctions with it. I have some Harp that I'll use first - just because the only fruit beer my local supermarket had was blueberry and that didn't strike me as mixing well with the chocolate stout. I would love to try a raspberry brew or the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, so I may be on a mission for some of that stuff this weekend! Any suggestions on alternatives?
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Hmm, now you got me thinking... If you notice one of the previous threads there was that Purple Haze ,raspberry wheat beer. Did you ever think of trying something like shock top or a blue moon? That would give you a little bit of a citrus kick with the chocolate.

Without walking with you in a package store down where you live, I am not 100% sure what to tell you to pick up. Im sure after this post I will have a few ideas that I will pm you with.
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