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gotta luv the fatties....welcome to smf
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Hello from Montana. Welcome to the greatest place on earth!
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Hey there Whistler. You know, I always forget to put in for my tag for Turkey. Im going to try to remember for this year as we have them all over the property. As far as smoking one goes, of my very firsts smokes was a store bought turkey and it was fantatic. Highly reccomend trying it. I went with the brine that I found here on the site. It takes a while to do a 10-12 pound bird, but man o man, ask anyone that has done it, its worth the wait.
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I'll help you remember to put your app!

My uncle smokes a couple store-bought turkeys every year for the big family get together. They are awesome. I'm just wondering how they compare to the wild ones.
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Thanks for the link. Have you gone to one of his classes?

My mom and stepdad live on Canal Park. I keep telling my stepdad to let me know when the steelhead are running, but alas, it's not working out.

Are you down on the river then?
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Welcome to the SMF family Whistler , it's a great site !
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Nope never been to one of his classes but had given it some thought. I see he has a dvd and book out too. Along with some rubs and sauces. Been thinking about giving his rubs a try as I still have not found one that really jumps out at me and says "look no further this is your rub"
I live about a mile away from the river in Cloquet. Haven't fished it in a long time. Island lake Fish lake, and Boulder lake are where I go if I have the time.
Do more ice fishing than anything. Just seem to have more time in the winter as the snp gets put away for the season.
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