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8.5 lb Sirloin tip roast.

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Got this chunk o' cow on sale for 1.99 a lb. Couldn't pass up angus beef at a pork price so here we go. Rubbed with some SG rub putty and applied the spicy bourbon rub with some dark chili powder added. On the pit with GFS lump, smoke supplied by mesquite and hickory. Qview coming soon. :)
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Sounds tasty. What is SG rub putty?
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Rub putty is a sticky concoction that holds the rub on the meat. Let me find the post.

here it is...


That was a 10 pounder.........

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Cool. I thought maybe it was some store bought stuff.
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Good luck on the beef! -- and I dig the idea of the putty...I think I'll try it on a huge chuckie I have the freeze.
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Rub putty, I like the name of it and then I read the mixture, sounds good.

2 questions if I may...
Spicy bourbon rub...is it your concoction and would you be willing to share?

Dark chili powder-what makes it different from regular chili powder?
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Spicy bourbon rub is a Lysanders product and it's excellent on all cuts of beef.


Dark Chili Powder has the deepest color which will produce darker finished products. It has a well rounded flavor but more chile flavors than Light Chili Powder.

It provides a convenient easy-to-use way to add a Tex-Mex flavor to foods.
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A little Qview....
Where's the beef? ........ Here it is.........

Rubbed n ready.....

110 internal....

That was about 2 hours ago, I'm loading up the firebox and getting some shuteye. I'l check it in a couple or 3 hours and see where we're at. wink.gif
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I want to know if you're gonna name this hunka sirloin? Does it look like a J-low? biggrin.gif

Looks tasty SG! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ahh you still remember J-loin. lol. I haven't got a name for this one yet. Good ta see yer still around CG. I'm starting to get a little more free time so I should be able to catch Ya'll in chat sometime. :)
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Good to see you around too SG. I haven't been in chat for awhile now. Maybe that will change this winter. :)
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Looks great so far! Keep the Qview comin!
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Into the pan at 140ish.....

out at 200 and into foil and towel to rest in cooler...

It nearly fell apart while getting it into the foil. should b nice n tender. :)
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Looks really good. One question, in your other post I noticed a brick holding down the fire chamber door. Care to explain ? Thank you. another to do on my list along with the rub putty.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Well......... for whatever reason after a long smoke the door on my firebox tries to straighten out when it cools. When I fire it up again i just lay that brick on there and it lays back down when it gets hot. It's not a lot of movement but there will be a 1/4 inch gap at the bottom. The brick closes the gap.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Started pulling....

Half pulled on the left and half chopped on the right. Nearly 5 pounds total. :)

Looks like I'm set for RB sammies this week. icon_mrgreen.gif

Thanks for checking my Qview.
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Thats one fine looking sirloin tip roast yiu have and a good job pulling. I have
http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...478#post333478 done a couple of large ones myself but I wanted to slice them so I took them off at 145ish amd they were really good for sammies.
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Looks great! That's a hunk of meat!
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Time for dinner. Chopped beef on a hoagie roll, sprinkled with cheddar. A side of fries and a cup of au jus........ YUM!!!

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That looks awesome nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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