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Babyback vs Spares. The winner is... - Page 2

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For me it's BB's over spares. A lot less fat and connective tissue. Too me they taste better. I have done plenty of both and hands down everyone has liked the BB's better. I just bought some at Sams Club for $2.99 lb, not a bad price.

I also find foiling is not necessary to get tender juicy BB's. 5hrs in the smoke @ 240 and they are perfect every time. I find spares kinda need the foil time to help breakdown the extra fat and tissue.

I also notice that folks, especially women, tend not to eat the fatty joint and most of the tip when eating full spares. BB's always have cleaned bones left behind PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
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lmao on that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
i'll take bb's any day
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I like BB's, but spares are much more affordable where I live. Money talks.
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I like both, but prefer spares. Wife much prefers BBs.

Guess which kind I have most often?
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Spares! biggrin.gif

I love having the skirts and tips to pull after 3 hrs., some go into a sammy for lunch and some go into a pan of dutch's beans biggrin.gif.
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I am all about spares. I am a poor college kid, although I eat ten times better than anyone else I know. I'm going for bang for my buck. Plus I get a lot more meat. like JIRod said I then get to use left overs to make stuff with! YUM!
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Bang for the buck is probably skewered country ribs...Hmmm...Meat on a steeek!
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