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Stand/Cart for SMV 24?

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I want to build a cart w/ wheels, etc. for my smoke vault. For those that have done this would you mind posting some pics? I'm trying to get a template for my dad to help me build this. Basically looking for some ideas. Bassman I know you built one but I couldn't find a pic through the search function.

Thanks for your help!
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I haven't built one but all you should need is a pallet (you can cut down) or just a furniture dolly and you should be able to bolt the wheels down if not just drill a hole in the legs of you smoke vault
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I remember seeing on one of the threads where someone took a small tool cart from Harbor Freight and turned the top tray upside down so the door would open to make a cart for a smoker...
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Mark, I didn't put mine on a cart. I just braced the legs and installed casters raising the legs up 1/2 inch off the floor. I don't remember who built a cart but it'll come to me. My stepson just used a leftover piece of countertop and put casters under that. Bolted the smoker to it and it works just fine.
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Finally got around to posting some pics of the cart my dad built. I moved into a new subdivision and there a lot of homes under construction and we used the scrap the builders had tossed aside. This is perfect. I look right at the middle of the smoker so no more crouching and no more hot door to the side of the head. had some issues w/ that lol. . we painted it as well to protect it from the elements.

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Nice job i will be building me one of these very soon as i to am tired of bending down also
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Here's a couple pics of mine in this thread... and no, I still haven't finished it. icon_redface.gif
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Nice looking cart, Mark. I really should build something a little higher for mine but I guess I'm just lazy.biggrin.gif
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Great looking cart...............Good job and the price was right............
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