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Third place fattie

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Just a quick note. I competed in an amatuer bbq cook off Friday. I had no intentions of entering the Other/Game catagory, but while cooking Brisket ,Ribs,Butt, and Chicken all day we were cooking other goodies to munch on ABT's,Fattie,Etc. "threw" together a Fattie and took a quick poll on whether we should turn it in, long story short I saved six pieces for the judges and won third place in the other catagory!! It wasn't even my best just a simple cheddar cheese Fattie wrapped in pepper bacon.
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Congrats my friend, never underestimate a FATTY.
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Cool! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Congrats!
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Congratulations! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congratulations on the win...
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Thanks Ya'll....and if it wasn't for the good people on here,I probably wouldn't have thought of making a fatty.
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Yep....Backyard BBQ Blast.
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should have mentioned you were going, we were there, didn't compete, but were scoping out the competion.
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Congratulation on the 3rd place. Then to top it all off with a fattie. Like rich said never under estimate the FATTIE. Great job and did you tell everyone where you got the recipe from ? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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No qview--didn't happen!icon_rolleyes.gif
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That's great! Imagine what they'll think when you go all out on a fattie.

points.giffor placing in your first comp.

How did you do in the other categories?
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Rio Grande, now that we are back in the area,we will be there every year,you should have competed,it is always a great time and the people are all good BBQ folks just like you find on here. Yes mballi3011 I told everyone willing to listen about SMF and all of the good freindly helpful people on here,and that I had discovered Fatty's here.
Dude- A good freind of mine is the head BBQ guru in charge of the competition,he will have all of the judges results available in a couple of weeks. When I get them I will post.They use the KCBS 21 point system,just like on the pro side.
Tim,sorry no q-view,but I can post pics of my trophy :)
Thanks again to all at are all great folks.
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congradualations.....long live the FATTIE
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Nice job! Just think if you threw em a full fledged multi ingrediant bomber!
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Thank you

Next year, planning the ULTIMATE fatty PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif.... don't know what that will be just yet, I have just under a year to figure it out LOL.
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