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first fatty & atb's w/qview

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Here are my first fatty's and atb's including some of the asembly pics
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Nice job Malco on the firsts...Looks good
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Nice job! What did you think of them?
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They both look great, CAUTION: both of these items are very habit forming LOL.
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Looks Good to me...
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Looks great malcojester, congrats on your first ones.
Were they both stuffed the same?
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Congrats on your first points.gifit will be the first of many for sure. How did you like the abt's and remember the saying "one smoked is one hooked"
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I liked them alot though the abt's were my favorite one was just cheese the other was cheese, red bell pepper & onions. I smoked three more the next day with 18 abt's and a turkey all in the smoker at the same time and everything was a hit with the family over for Sunday dinner.
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Very nice points.gif may have to smoke a fattie tomorrow
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Great job on your first try, thanks for sharing the Q View my friend.
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nice job !!!!
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