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charcoal conversion question

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Today i was given a great charcoal barrel grill today. I'm wanting to make an offset smoker out of it. Just wondering what i should use for the heat source? I'm thinking a side burner off a gas grill i use turkey cookers in my others but i think that will be to much for this. On the other hand i wonder if the side burner will be enuf. I have never been around an ofset before to know how much it takes to heat them. Anyone got experience with this i appreciate any feedback!!
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Wow! I stumped everybody nobody has any input on this? Well i got the offset box mounted up and she's all ready to go except for getting a burner hope to get that tonite and see what happens. I went away from the side burner for now and gonna try something different.
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I never made one, but I did convert my offset charcoal smoker to propane. The gas burner that came with or for this set up, similar in size to your barrel project was a good size burner that blows hard flames, I'd say more of a fire that comes with the deep turkey fry set up vs a smaller side burner type of fire/burner. Go to and check out the burners they ship out for the various types of converted smokers, they have done the research and have recomendations on how many btu burner they used for the different type of smoker. Just thought this might help in your burner decision.. good luck
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Ok, I just went to the web site and the burner that came for my set up is the H (horizontal smoker) and kicks out 56,000 BTU's and gets to 460 degrees in less than 15 minutes at full blast, which you'll never use but only to get the smoker started.

I love the set up, the burner is strong so if it gets windy or cold you have the BTU's to get you through the smoke.

Check it out, hope this helps.
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Thanks so much for the info i will go check it out. I have a spare turkey element in it for the trial smoke saturday will see how it works out.
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Hey Bowtie Racing,

If you can post some pics of what a charcoal barrel grill is, I'm sure there would be a bunch of input...I am just having a tough time imagining what it looks like, and how big it is. Therefore I'll have a tough time weighing in on this.

Work on posting some pics for us, I love a good build and modifications, and I would love to see wha-cha got going!
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I have used one of these for my CG. I mainly use it in the winter because it gets the temps up pretty quick.

It's called the afterburner.

Here is the link
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