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cured BB ribs with Qview

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been a while since i last posted but being i started some canadian bacon, and i had this last 3 pak of ribs from a case i had boughten a little while back. i thought i would try curing them with tenderquick. i pulled the membrane off. the total package weight was 3.83 lbs so at 1 Tablesoon per pound i used a lil more than 1 and 1/3 tablespoons per rack. on the bone side i spread out a teaspoon and rubbed it in and the remainder went on the meat side. after 12 hours i rinsed off and took a piece off the end and microwaved it til it was cooked just so i could taste it to ck salt level. was good so i took the basic rub i usually use and made some up with out salt, figured the salt in the tenderquick be good enough and with a little mustard slather applied the rub and let set overnight.
here we are ready to go to smoker.

after 2 hours ready for foil.

and here we are after 1.5 hours in foil. i added some apple juice while in foil.

about 1 hour later...

brushed on a couple layers of sweet baby rays chipolte.

here we are with garden food, cucumbers and cream over fresh boiled taters and butter, a lil smoked cabbage, and the ribs.

close up of the ribs showing cure penetration. they were really hammy tasting!!! was a good mix with the sauce.

thks for checking m pix!!!
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Interesting.. Looks great!
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Damn those look good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Darn those look like some really good ribs there erain.points.giffor sure on the cure thats a great idea. I will try it for sure.
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points.gifto ya on them ribs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice smoke E. Real nice.
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I thought about somethng like this but never had the berries to do it. LOL Good Job!
Would you do them this way again?
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long ago there was a thread about the first real bbq you tasted. my late uncle did some ribs simalar to this at a family reunion. he owned a large restaurant so he had connections etc. but that was 35 years ago and people still rave about them ribs. i was just trying to duplicate them. not quite but getting closer. i have done in past and still do it now and then so your answer obviously is yes. thks man

by the way i am trying your canadian bacon recipie out on a third of a loin... another third is getting tips slaughterhouse brine, and the last third is well lets just say, we will see...
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Man those look GREAT!!!! Since I have done them that way I KNOW you are eating good.points.gif
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Those look like darn good eats!
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