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Spareribs SUNDAY!!!

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Ok ya'll, you know the drill/deal. I've spoken to him and now i'm putting knowledge to use.

Got two racks of spareribs going on the smoker holding 210-220. Spraying with apple juice during the sweat periods. I'll post pictures when they're done. I have to admit, i'm kind of curious and even a bit excited as this is a different way of cooking ribs for me as i'm use to only opening the smoker to foil and unfoil. We'll see how it turns out.

Stay posted!
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Good Luck man. Looking forward to your results!
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I am also waiting for the results. Good luck my friend.
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Good luck, just waiting for qview...
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Hmmm still waitingicon_mrgreen.gif
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Are you going with your traditional pre-boil first? I'm tellin ya man, not the way to go. icon_smile.gif
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Ok, for starters, use baby back ribs OR trim your spare ribs, otherwise, the ribs were great, a slight tug but came clean from the bone. And the flavor from the "magic dust" was outstanding!!!

The bottom rack in this picture has been additionally glazed with a mixture of our local bbq sauce, apple juice and brown sugar.

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Awesome... How did they taste???points.gif
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They would have completely rocked had I paid attention and made the "magic dust" according to the recipe and NOT threw in 1/2 cup of chili powder and instead only used 1/4 cup......LOL!!!! But other wise they still rocked and had overall good flavor.
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Sure look good!
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Nice job Nutzman
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Looks great..
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Excellent ribs! Now you got me starvin' again icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice looking ribs! Would you do them again that way?
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They came out looking just delicious! I had to give you points.gif.
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Very good there le. I'm glad to see you smoking some meat they look good and glad you like them.
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