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Woods for Smoking

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I found this on the net a while back and thought it may be of some use to all of you...
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They need to make that a sticky don't you think there beer? Nice work thanks for posting.
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Did ya find that here ?
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Looks like the one Dutch posted 5/21/2006 that it a sticky in the "Woods for Smoking" section
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HAHAHA to funny
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That's great......

But we need PICTURES of wood,(mine got deleted).
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WOW, don't know that I want to see everyone's wood
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If I had found it here I would have just posted the link to the thread.

I got it here, and just took out the questions...

It can also be found at this site however when I was looking at this one just now when trying to find where I got it I wasn't sure because it has lots of recipes from members here listed on that site so I guess it is part of this site. If it is not a part of this site then it is coping everything here...
Woods for Smoking:

Recipes for members:
They are found in the smokepit hall of fame.
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Thanks for the info,. Dutch had put out that list a couple of years ago. and that list is still very helpful.
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