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A Chuckie A Meatloaf and some Moinks walk into a bar with Qview! - Page 2

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That's a great lookin spread Dude! The "Iowa Contingent" still keeps track of what's going on.
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nice job....the dude definitely abides !points.gif
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Thanks for the points Got14U. Much appreciated.

Wow, finally one of my Iowa boys comments on something. Nice.

If you guys like this. Check out what I made for dinner tonight with the leftovers,...
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Excellent looking smoke, Dude! Thanks for the pics.
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Dude, yer a smokin my man. Excellent job on everything!!!!

Beautiful ring on the ole chuckster....I'd give ya points if it let me!!!!
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Awesome Dude, You always amaze me...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks guys. The chuckie is a wonderful piece of meat to smoke. I always thought brisket was the cream of the beef crop, but now I'm not so sure. It was tasty, easy to smoke and very versatile with all the stuff you can do with it.

I've got 2 half lb baggies in the freezer waiting for another leftover conconction.
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that chuckie is awesome, love the smoke ring. points.gif
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DUDE!! As always, that is some great Q. Thanks for sharing! Now I have to add the Chuckie to my to do list.
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Looks mighty fine. Next chance I get I think I'll try something like that and use it for some mexican fair. Great job all the way around.
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Dude...I am right there with you. I did my first chuckie about two weekends ago and was amazed. I honestly think that besides how much easier/quicker they are than briskets - they have a better flavor and texture IMO too!

Regarding your balls...errr....


I loved the idea of the moink balls, and cheese stix and ground beef are two things I'm never out of - having two kids under the age of 10. So...Im' going to try some tonight - but I think I'll take your advice on kicking them up a notch, by using pepperjack cheese, adding some Tony C's seasoning, and in 1/2 the batch - I might add some finely diced smoked Japs!

Can't wait!
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Outstanding Dude!

Geez...I have got to make some of those moinks. You got me drooling here.
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Thanks man. Loved your chuckie enchiladas too. Definately on my must do list.

Don't hesitate. They're easy and delicious. As good or better than any resturant brisket I've had.

Search for Chisoxjim's smoked chuckie enchiladas. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif They look super good.

Thanks man. The chuckie rocks! Might be my new favorite (at least for now). The Moink Balls...they were ok. Not real high on the do again list. They were ok, but I need to do some adjustments to the recipie. Maybe something with some Italian kick.

Thanks Hoser...see above. These were pretty bland since I was trying to please the picky eaters in my family...the kids. But I could see with some tweaks them having a lot more flavor.

Thanks everyone!
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Very nice Dude.Computer was down when you posted this awesome thread...points.gif
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Thanks man. Be on the lookout for a couple more chuckies this weekend. The great experiment Chuck Tender Roast vs Chuck Pot Roast. Who will win? Stay tuned...
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