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red oak flooring ?

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a coworker gave me a couple of bundles of new flooring boards he did not use in his project. lable says unfinished, would this be a good heat sourceicon_question.gif
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I would think so as most lump charcoal is made from that sort of scrap wood.
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Is it solid wood or is it pieces? If it's pieces I would say no because of the glue that they would use. So just make sure that it is solid before using it for food.
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this is solid red oak flooring 1/2" thick.
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I would say your good to go if unfinished and not laminated-oak is a good smoking wood.
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I guess I am going to be a maybe decenting opinion here. I assume that this is furniture, cabinet grade. wood. I have a cabinet maker a few minutes away from me. After gathering some scrap oak I lit it up. It was kiln dried being furniture grade wood and burnt up so quickly it was of little use in a smoker. Remember even cured 1 yr old wood is not as dry as these processed woods. Just my 2cents.
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