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"No-sweat" Picnic: Smoked Pig & Beans w/qview

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This is another first for me, so I thought I'd share it here.

I finally made it out yesterday to grab up some smoking meats...couldn't get what I wanted for a decent price, so, I settled on 2 Picnics (21# total). The real kicker was, I woke up at 2:45 AM this morning for unknown reasons, and wasn't able to get back to sleep. Needless to say, I did not feel up to tending a 15-16 hour smoke today on only 2 hours of sleep, so the rest is history. It did give me an idea to try this method and piece together a different dish.

Here's the "no-sweat" part: I took the largest picnic (10-3/4#) and removed the skin, trimmed off the bulk fat, seperated a few muscle groups and commenced on doing a quick down & dirty deboning of the picnic. I ended up with a couple smaller pieces and 3 larger sections, which will expedite the cooking by leaps and bounds. The largest piece is about 2-3/4#, so about 4 hours to smoke, and then on to the finish.

I didn't get initial pics, as I didn't plan on posting this...but I thought a few here may find it interesting, and give them an idea what to do to get out of a similar jamb, or just a new dish to try.

This is about 1-3/4 hours into the smoke at 235*~ with Mesquite and no (ZERO) dry rub (???????).
I'll explain: this pork will be roughly diced and added to a smoked bean/green chilis dish, and I will season to taste at that point. I haven't used this particular canned hatch green chili yet, so, I don't want to overdo it on seasoning. Sometimes, simpler is better, too. icon_cool.gif

Easy fit, and should be a much quicker smoke:

The bone, with about 1# of goodies hanging out for the thin blue:

A fairly simple and basic Beans grindage list:

I need to get the beans prepped, so I'll post more progress later.

Thanks all!

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Good Luck, on your new recipe...
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Beans are smokin'

Thanks, it's all good! Today was just a perfect time to do the KISS method.

Beans went together quick n easy and they're smokin':

A little re-arranging so my new 12" x 18" pan wouldn't deflect/absorb all the heat from the pork (meat's 3 hrs in):

I think I'll stick the meat for temp/firmness checks, and put it all together in another hour or so.


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Did you order the Hatch Chilies online?

I have looked at a website a couple of times and thought about ordering some of the frozen ones but the price was ridicules...
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No, these were a Sam's Club score a few weeks back. You might look for dried instead of frozen, and see how that would come out for you. I've been wanting to start drying some items from here at home myself.

BTW, these are pretty mild, even with the seeds/veins intact. I tasted a few samples before putting the beans mixture together...very little heat and real good flavor.

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I will check at Sam's and see if they have them here.

I would like to find them in "HOT" if possible...
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Where in Wyoming are you?

I have friends in Worland and Cheyenne...
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Small town, Wright, 75 miles north of Douglas, 38 miles south of Gillette, on "Audobon" 59.

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I think my friend in Worland's daughter is married and lives in Gillette. Not sure what her last name is now?

Here dad's name was John Christenson, he had a nationally renowned reputation as an antique collector-dealer in fine western collectibles. He died in 2007, A lot of folks he dealt with called him "The Cowboy".
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Looking good, Eric. Can't wait to see the final outcome!!
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Everything looks good so far. I'll be wanting for the finally pics.
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Thanks guys! It won't be too much longer now, and I'll have a plate for you to sneek a peek at.

This is coming together beautifully....

Temp checks about 30 minutes ago...averaging 185*...almost no probe resistance...very tender...time to come out and play:

Looks nice put all together in a pan:

The few small samples I tried while slicing was surprisingly good, and no seasoning. Pretty amazing what a little smoke can do for a plain chunk of meat...

It's all back in the Vault at 190*~ 'til my oldest gets home from work, just after 6:00.

Back with the finally @ approx. 6:30-6:45 PM MDT.

This is so simple and easy, it's gotta be good!

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Dinner's on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plated with German Potato Salad (vinegar/oil dressed):

Without flash:

With flash:

This all tastes even better than it looks. I used no additional seasonings in the beans, just to see what it would be like...the sweetness of the light brown sugar and pineapple, in contrast with the deep hatch chili flavor...very good together. The pork just speaks volumes on it's own. This is a very simple, easy and tasty dish.

Thanks for peekin'!!!

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Nice job man, thanks for sharing the qview, that's what is so great about this site. points.gif
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Thank you, Ron! Yeah, it was just another fun day in the thin blue...thought I'd pass out some joy along the way...hee-hee!

Have a good one!

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Bud, that's some serious lookin' chow you are throwing down! Big points to you, and congratulations. Lots of work you put in.

Great looking dinner plate, and I'm with you on the flash/no-flash situation...never really know what looks best. I ask the Mrs and she always picks the photo I don't like! Oh well, no worries...keep on smoking like you do and share the Q-Vue too!

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Man that looks good! Great job!points.gif
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Thanks Guys! It actually was one of the easier and simpler smokes I've done for awhile now. No fussing over what rub ingredients to use, or anything to cause tension. Once I got rolling with it, I just decided to keep it simple, go with my instincts and have fun. I still wonder sometimes how so much of the easy stuff like this dish can be so good. I guess it's just another example of the KISS method shining through with brilliant colors.

If anyone wants to just go back in time for a bit, to enjoy the simplest of things, try a small piece of meat (or fish) in your next smoke with no seasonings...just let the thin blue wisp over's been a LONG time since I've done that. It can really help you appreciate the layers of flavor you can find in just one bite of smoked meat.

I can't think of anything which compares to the natural flavors of the meat, with the aromatics of the smoke just tempting your senses more with each passing moment....until you can't bear to wait any longer for a taste..........and you finally take a bite, slowly chewing and savoring the textures and flavors...knowing that no-one can take this moment away from you.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

OK, I gotta shut my pie-hole, or else I'll have to go dig the last of this dish out of the fridge and knock it down!

Try a no-season smoke, and you'll know what I'm talking about...enjoy!

Thanks Everyone!

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