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Stupid question, no really.

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Ok my math skills are sorely lacking I am afraid so I have to ask. I bought some Italian seasoning mix and all it says for directions is .033 X meat lb, what the heck is that in oz per lb or is this not even the information I am needing?
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Not sure. Are they saying to add .033 of the seasonings to each pound of meat?

What's the size/weight of the seasoning package?
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This is just a hand written note and that is what I am assuming is the ration to per lb of meat but I don't know what that mean as far as oz or measuring spoon. I tried calling the guy that gave it to me but for the last couple days he cant be reached. I am doing 10lbs of meat. ps no weight on on baggy.
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Well all I have for you is that 10 lbs of meat is 10 times the amount per the directions. So that would now be .33 for your total amount of meat. But .33 what (Tbs, tsp, lbs) is the question.

Are you in the middle of the project now? If not, I'd wait til you can get a hold of the guy.

I have zero sausage making expereince, so hopefully someone will come along that understands your question better or understands what they guy was trying to tell you to do.
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Well I am running out of time for today. I already have the meat cubed and after mixing back in the fat and mixing well so I have sealed it in a baggie and stuck it into the freezer until I get this figured out, thanks.
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I'm sorry man. Wish i could've been more help to you.
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It is probably meant .33 per pound. you have a scale. also when you got the seasoning did it say it was for 25 lbs or something else ?
honestly i take that back..i really don't know. maybe it is .033 x poundage...lets say .033 x 10lb=.33 so that maybe be 33% of the more i try to think about it the more i confuse my self.
with my experience most spice blocks or seasoning packets are for processing 25 lbs. that by no means is guaranteed tho
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Ok deep breath. What are you making ? If your just marinading the meat for something just put some or alot on the meat and let it be. Put as much as you want whats gonna happen it gets too much or to little. JUST WING IT
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I have seen that reference before and it meant 1/3 tsp per # of meat - not sure if that is what is intended as I don't know what you are using the seansoning to do - The other posts are correct just wing it and if you have to adjust for next time you will know
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1/3 tsp per lb of meat doesn't sound like near enough seasoning.

I would grind up 5 lbs and use 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of the seasonig. Mix it in real good and fry up a pattie and taste it. If you're happy, add the same about to the next 5 lbs. If it's over-seasoned, you have the remaining 5 lbs you can mix in to cut the seasoning. If it's underseasoned, add more to the original 5 lbs and repeat the fry test until you're happy. Then add the same amount to the 2nd 5 lbs.
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I'm positive it is .33 oz. per pound of meat. For example, most my seasonings from Butcher Packer are between 8 and 11 oz. for 25 lbs. of meat which would average about a third of an ounce per pound. My breakfast sausage seasoning I make up myself is ½ oz. per pound.

So find out how many pounds of meat you're making up, multiply that by .33, and that's the number of ounces you need of the seasoning. 9 lbs. of meat x .33 equals 3 oz. of seasoning. (2.97 to be exact, but 3 oz. in all practicality).
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Oh, BTW, there's no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers. Anything worth questioning about is worthwhile to ask! That was a VERY valid question!
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I am doing 10lb of Italian and using Pops math equation it comes out to 3.3oz per lb the package is 0.34lb so I think adding the entire bag will be ok. I tend to like a bit more seasoning then some anyway.
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smart idea..i would trust pops when it comes to this subject for sure !
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