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Gosm ?

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I have been trying to find the biggest gosm they have. I found 2 different sizes at bass pro. but does anyone know if walmart also sells both. I don't want to pay for shipping from bass pro. and walmart is the closest store for me. thanks for any info.
post #2 of 10 has the 20x14x36 for $157.00 delivered to your local store. not shipping but you pay sales Tax..I went this route.
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I had seen that. I want the bigger one that is 20x24x36. I have the small mes now and regret not getting the 40"
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He's talking about the GOSM Big Block.
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yes i guess that is it...where has everyone got theirs ????? thanks rich
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If you join Big Crumbs you can get money back on online purchases at lots of online merchants.

Bass Pro and Cabelas both give % $ of purchase back when you go thru Big Crumbs when you buy online.

You can check them out here
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Big Block

got mine from ebay..brand new in the box with one little ding.. works great
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I got my 24" for $85 off Craigslist. My 20" was $40 off Craigslist with a full propane tank.Keep watching and you'll eventually get lucky.
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Thanks to all thats has anwsered this thread it will give me more places to look for a new smoker.
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ditto on that...thanks again fellas
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