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Leftover Chicken: Stromboli-style

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The other night I smoked a meatloaf and a few chicken thighs. We had the meatloaf that night, but saved the thighs for an easy dinner later in the week. We were going to just have BBQ chicken pizzas, but the old lady had a better idea...
Here's the chicken...It was rubbed with the Strawberry's Grand Champion rub (thanks Rivet, I am now addicted to this stuff - I put it in my coffee icon_mrgreen.gif) and smoked over oak at about 225*.

Sauteed bacon & onion...

Meat/onion ready to go...

We used that pillsbury thin crust pizza crust that comes in a tube. Stuffed it with the goods and threw some cheddar slices on there.

Folded and ready for the oven (yes, I will probably try these in the smoker next time, but we were rather hungry icon_redface.gif)...

Well, we served them up with some Curley's Mesquite for dipping and they were really tasty! The Curley's was great too - I think Mrs. Meatball has a favorite new sauce now.

We also considered putting the Q sauce inside and dipping in ranch...maybe next time, because there will be plenty of next times for these!
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Looks and Sounds Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great! Gave me some idea's to try!
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I am ALWAYS looking for ideas for leftover chicken! Thanks, Meatball...

Looks very good - and even my kids would like it!
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Nice! Always great to get leftover ideas.
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Looks awesome! Great idea!
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Meatball, that's an excellent idea for leftovers, and your thought to smoke em next time is just even better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Thanks for the tip on leftovers, it looks like a tasty way to use them up and treat everyone to yet another awesome meal.

Glad you liked the Curley's and rub, if you want to re-exchange I'm game cause I am all out of key limes! Haven't tried the Hogtowne BBQ Sauce yet, but that's coming soon.
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Those look awesome there meatball. I'm definetly gonna have to try that one maybe tailgating at a GATOR GAME. Those would be really good and easy.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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take 2

Thanks guys.

I tried them again last night with the remaining chicken and bacon. Found out the first time that I didn't stuff them quite enough and wanted to try them with rub on the outside of the dough. WOW...

You can see how nice the rub and salt crusted...the one on the left has no rub.

I also stuffed in some tomato slices and pepperoncini - That was good and I've found that the more fillings, the better - next I'll probably try olives and some other goodies...

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