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this weekends adventure

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Got talked into being a vender this weekend,I must be crazy! picked up 600 lbs. pork butt today, now they say it wont be enough! plus nacho's and bbq nacho's and pickles.they want to add 200 lbs. more. did I mention I've never done more than 100 lbs. before. got a new camera ,try to get photos next week, if I survive!more latericon_rolleyes.gif
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Good Luck and take plenty of Qview...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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icon_cool.gifjust got gone putting 18 butts in, should be ready @ 3:00. more later!
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Wow, you'll be sick of looking at butts!!
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wow...i remember them days of vending....good luck u will earn your money !
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New camera? I don't think you'll have time to focus. Good luck on the weekend my friend.
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Good luck. I hope they paid you some sort of retainer. Or for sure I hope there's a big turn out and they eat it all.
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Well lets see you have smoked 100 lbs once so just do it again then again and you'll have 200 pounds and your done. It's easy just focus with your task at hand and you'll do fine. It will all be good my friend. After it's all over just kick back grab a cold beer and say How the hell did I do that.
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