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Brinkmann SnP Capacity Question

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imagine 30 lbs of CS ribs and also spare ribs cut into strips ACROSS the bones about 3-4 inches wide. everything is probably about a foot long, or possibly the length of a trimmed rack of spares....

can the SnP handle all of that in one sitting, and if so, what would you ESTIMATE as the cooking time??
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That would be one full, but happy, sNp.
Do you still have your top rack in it?
Of course you would have to rotate the meat so that would add to your cook time a little since I figure you would have the top open for a good few minutes while adjusting, luckily the temps usually come back up really quick.
If I had to guess I would say 5-6 hours depending on heat, rotation and your method.
Would I be right in guessing you're not planning on foiling with all that going on?
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I have put 4 slabs of untrimmed spares on the main grate...a bit snug but fits. I think for the CS, you would have to keep the pieces fairly close, then put the spares on the warmer rack. On mine it runs hotter than the main grate because of my tuning plate mod and no lowering of the stack.

30# of CS might be a bit of a stretch though. Here's what 11# of beef shorties looked like in mine (pretty full):

With a grate temp of 225*, if you don't brase the CS in foil, figure 4 hours to finish, depending on thickness. If you're splitting the slabs of spares though the bone, about the same time.

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Tas~ I think you could fit it all in. I know you don't have the upper rack due to the chimney extension, but It will fit. The meat will be touching, so you will have to rotate it as FiU indicated.

I'd bring it up to about 400 F then load all the meat at once and let the temps come down naturally on their own....you're looking at probably 5 hrs, depending on what temp you'll be settling down into.

If you're gonna foil the CSR's that speeds things up a bit, too.
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thanks for the quick replies, guys - no foiling planned for the spares, but now that y'all mention it, it might be a good idea for the CSRs after a while.

my warming rack is off, but i am thinking of mounting it for this and bending/cutting away the obstructions to the chimney.

there is a local rib cook-off this coming weekend, and i am thinking about entering (not sure if i will, yet). i took 3rd last year using three ECBs.
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