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gettin close

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Well my wife and i got everything ready to go for smokin tonite. It's our first try at fattys and we made 7!!! 2 breakfast, 1 taco, 1 brat and kraut, 1 italian sausage, 1 pizza toppins and one with some leftover stuff. Alot of work but they turned out great so far will have to see the final product!!! I no you want pics i took some but i can't figure out how to upload them into photobucket i was so PO'ed last nite Sorry!!
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Sounds like a load of fatties. But you've gotta figure out how to post those pictures. We all want to see that load of fatties. I just do a copy/paste out of shutterfly and it works great. Check out this thread on posting pictures from photobucket.

I like photo bucket just click on the 640 X or 800 X as max size before uploading from your computer to PB .

Click this :

select this or 800 X Please no larger , some of us have to scroll to read all posts on the page when the pic is bigger .

Copy and paste the IMG code line :

New line for each pic:

Should look like this :

When posted it should be like this :

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Now thats a tutorial thanks Dude. You should defintly have the big bosses here make that one a sticky. Photobucket should give you a cut but wants the cut on free.
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