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All citrus wood works well
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I've been using my fruit tree cuttings, peach, apple, pear, etc for smoking everything from ribs to brisket to kielbasa (cherry), and yes, i've used a chainsaw to cut them.  I have never noticed any bad flavor from the bar oil.  I think worrying about this is a little anal.  That stuff is a very thin oil that evaporates pretty quickly, any my wood seasons a long time before i use it.  

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You also can use elect. or gas saws if you have only used veggie oil as bar lube. Works great for smoker wood!!

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I have used orange wood to smoke with for years. We cut 80 old growth trees off my property and I stock piled a bunch of the wood. It burns very clean and leaves only a fine greyish ash. We even used a bunch in the fireplace.
My experience with it is a mild smoke taste. I would recommend it.
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Orange wood is great and gives the meat a sweet taste.. gratefruit it better.

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Did you ever try smoking with Mulberry wood?  I've been using Apple but around here (Ohio) Mulberry is very easy to get since almost every fence row as them.

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We have whats called a fruitless mullberry here on the other coast, but I don't think it would be a good wood. I have been eying some of the Olive thats around here though.

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Any fruitwood would work. I have tried many and get a different but suttle sweet flavor from each..........biggrin.gif

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Do you still have orange woodavailable? If so where are you located?

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I wouldn't worry in the least about the chainsaw bar oil. It's a very tiny amount and most of the oil ends up in the shavings.

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