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I see a Lang in my future!!!

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The last several weeks or so either Ma or me has been appoached about doing BBQ for a couple of car shows, family reunions and company parties. We even had a couple of requests to cook whole hogs for pig pickin' parties.

The Board of Health guildlines are a bit restrictive and all consumable foods such as meats and such has to be prepared on-site. Bulk foods purchased at Grocery stores like potato and macaroni salads is fine as long as the internal temps are kept below 40*

Due to only having the GOSM Big Block available and nowhere big enough, we had to turn down the requests. icon_sad.gif So cooking and storing in advance is out of the question.

So last night Ma and me were discussing the loss of potential income (important now that Ma's been laid off) and the need for something larger and mobile. We went to Ben Lang's website and looked at the 60 Deluxe and the 84 Deluxe. Ma gave her blessing on a 60 Deluxe and if things go well she said that we can then move up to the 84 D. Now it's just a matter of tapping into a couple of my stock portfoilio's and placing an order.

"How sweet it is!!!" er. . um... I mean "How sweet she is!"
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Way to go Dutch!
Shame you had to turn down the requests, didn't know there were issues about cooking meats ahead of time.
With those kinds of gigs you should make your money back and then some in no time AND you will have a beauty of a smoker too.
Good luck with the new endeavor.
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Congratulations Dutch... If you were close to the Kansas City area I know where there is a Lang Model 84 just south of here about 60 miles for $2500.00.
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That's great Dutch.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifBet you guys are excited.

Will they require sinks and other NSF food approved equipment, fridges sinks, etc?
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Congratulations Dutch.... you deserve it! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Now are you order you have to name her before she gets there.

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Congrats Dutch, sounds like you both are going to be busy, but having fun too.
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Now We will be able to say We knew Him before he had a Lang! Way to go Dutch!

I Hope your success skyrockets with tons of orders. There definately is a need out there for good product. One could start a franchise on your wicked baked beans all by themselves. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You will love it, worth every penny. But shipping costs suck. Oh well I would do it over again in a heartbeat.
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I think ya should name your new lang, MA.
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way ta go Dutch!
you'll probably have all the catering biz you can handle.
(especially when you serve those wicked beans)

good luck to ya pal!
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Congrats! I love my little 48 mobile and have cooked on both the 60 and 84.. Well made units and easy to run.
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Sounds like a plan!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Good luck on your new venture. Don't wait too long as the weather will be turning on us before you know it.
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Thats great Dutch congrats. They are great smokers I enjoy smoking with mine.
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Congrats on the smoker Dutch. Here's to your new venture.
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Way to go! I am looking forward to when I can upgrade!!
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Way to go! Good luck.
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I would think it would be a mobile restaurant license he would get. I have seen people use 3 over sized tubs for qualifying (3 sink set-up). I'm not sure how it is over there that is just how colorado and arizona work. If i remember right from when I had my catering business
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Awesome! Let me know when you want to upgrade from that "old" model 60. Heh, Heh.
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