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Nother first time question

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I'm thinkin of a taco fatty and was thinkin of putting some dry taco meat seasoning in the meat good or bad idea any experience? thanks again for now.
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If you use plain ground pork? Probably pretty good!
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Flavor is always a help.
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Couldn't hurt.
Normally I don't season the sausages for my fatties I just go for bold or Italian, sweet whatever to go along with the insides.
If you do add seasoning and want the flavors to really come through I would use a more mildly flavored sausage and add it in at least a few hours before and let it set so the flavors can meld with the meat.
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I'm with Herky, go with the ground pork and season yourself. I did justthat for my Chili Relleno's Fattie and I may never go back to Sausage as teh flavor of the meat was great. ( Ok I'll use some sausage again, but I don't have to with seasoning my own as the flavor was that good)
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I'm with ^^^^ them season if you want to. But like fire said I use italian sausage usually hot so it's really seasoned already. But go for it
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