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Paint for the UDS

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So I know that Black BBQ paint can be used, but I have seen several drums that have a color scheme, what kind of paint is everybody using?
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I used Duplicolor Hi Heat Engine Enamel and Primer on mine.

My local Kragen didn't have the color I wanted so I ordered it from here.

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Any respectable smoker would paint that bad boy CHEVY ORANGE!!!. Oh yeah!!!

Any good high temp engine paint should suffice on a drum as I believe they are good for 1200 degrees if not more. If the paints bubbles up, then I would think you have more serious problems on hand LOL.

Don't forget the racing stripesPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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No problems at all at normal smoking temps -- even up to 350°+ for chicken or somewhat higher for grilling with the charcal basket on a middle rack.

But a full lit chimney dumped on top of a layer of unlit in the normal charcoal basket position, with the greasy middle grate on top of that to burn off the grease and all intakes wide open and the lid off . . . well, icon_redface.gif the paint didn't bubble, but it did discolor slightly around the bottom at about the charcoal grate level. biggrin.gif

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1200° ceramic exhaust paint, primer an clear coat. Wasn't cheap but sure do look nice!
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I recall from the BIG uds thread over at TBB they had said no need for high temp paints. Just use regular ol spray paint. I used both, high temp paint and regular ol spray paint. Both will work but reg paint is a whole lot cheaper.
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That's true, but that's assuming that the drum never gets over regular smoking temps. Actually, there's no need for paint at all, really.

But let's just say you did want to paint it and, hypothetically speaking of course icon_mrgreen.gif, that the drum accidentally goes above, say 400° (or higher) on the side therm.icon_redface.gif Of course this would never happen wink.gifwink.gif, but if it did, like say someone didn't make sure they put the lid back on properly after they took the tri tips off, the hi temp is not bad insurance. icon_mrgreen.gif

Oddly specific example, huh.wink.gif

The Duplicolor stuff isn't bad price wise. I think I paid like $6 a can. I think I used 2 cans of primer and 3 cans of yellow. And it comes in such pretty colors. biggrin.gif

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Chevy orange would definatly be my style...but I was thinkin' camoflauge.
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How will you find it when you need to use it? biggrin.gif
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Hmm good point..I will train my Labrador to sniff it out!
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I don't think much training would be needed. I know I would be able to sniff it out! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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