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meeting irishteabear

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going to lunch today with irishteabear and her husband. they made the long ride from the backwoods of pennsylvania to visit relatives. due to time constraints no time for a smokeout. settling for a lunch at famous dave's bbq instead.....
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There's always time for a "smokeout"icon_mrgreen.gif

Still haven't tried Famous Dave's even though there is one about half an hour from me, heard it is a good place for sit down and order Q.
Hope you all have fun and get a good meal.
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Always time!

A guy who calls himself "Fred420" can't find time for a smokeout? I doubt that! Just park behind the Famous Dave's and take care of business. Makes the food taste even better y'know! icon_cool.gif

Have fun making new friends either way!

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no more smokeouts--random job testing... but yummy meat smokes..and a good lunch..
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HA!!!!!! Good one.
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How was lunch? We need an update. biggrin.gif
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she was looking fowared to the hook up Jeff-hope u all had a great time.
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Lunch was fun. Jeff brought his daughter, Hannah with him. She's a cutie! Yes, we got pics.
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Glad to hear you all had a Great time... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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glad to hear you had a great time. Cant wait to see the pictures.

how did you like famous Daves.
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Famous Dave's was pretty good. Hubby said my ribs and brisket were better. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Well he know where his toast is being cooked. No I bet yours is better. I'm glad you folks had a great time. I cann't wait for the pics. Isn't it hard to eat some where that you know you can cook better than they can make it. Go figure
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He better say that!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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dawn's husband knows who wears the pants!!!! he was even nice enough to let her sample his lunch--dawn was even thoughtful enough to help him pick what SHE wanted to try!!! just jokin' dawn..............
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Planning on going to the Famous Dave's not far from here.
Anything in particular you would definitely recommend trying out?
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I like their corn,, other than that my wife just complains about their food.

There ribs arent bad but grosly overpriced,,,,, Just cause I can feet 5 people for the price,, not cause they are really out of line.

Congrats on the meet,,,
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LOL, Jeff. Having diabetes means I get stuck eating low carb stuff but I still get to sample off hubby's plate. biggrin.gif
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skip their meat and go for the pickles is all I can say.
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