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[quote=BBQ Engineer;347012]Athabaskar,

Kids should know how to cook and fend for themselves, and I agree with you that this should be a part of every kid's will make them a better person without them even knowing it.

My wife and I teach a gourmet cooking class to 4 H kids. I am really amazed how many of their moms dont cook and cant teach them. We spend one whole class on kitchen sanitation and knife safety. You would not beleive how many don't know any of the basics. By the time they leave us in 4 months they have upwards of 20 recipies they have personally cooked from appetizers to desserts. We figure if we teach them some of the hard stuff the easy stuff will be just that. We also make them come one Saturday and cook and serve an entire meal to their parents. Even our 4 and 5 year old grandkids can make a ravioli with won ton skins.
Food is love and sharing

PS We both cook
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Being single I do all the cooking in my house unless I have family visiting. I love cooking most of the time. Just hate the cleanup. lol..................
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I would say it's about 50/50 at our house. We both have things we are better at cooking than the other so it works out. It really just depends on who has the time that evening...but over all it's even.
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The pendulum is starting to swing my way. My wife has usually been the one who does the cooking. Every now and again I would contribute something or if we had guests over I would make something special. Grilling has always been my domain but never was the bulk of our cooking. Now my wife is trying to get her book done so I came up with the idea of smoking a lot of meat on the weekends and then reheating it during the week to minimize the time she needs to prepare dinner. I suspect once her first book sells I will get to become the full time cook, errand runner, pool boy, house keeper, etc and I look forward to it.
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Wife does the majority of the cooking.

I was always good at it, but she is a) a better overall cook and b) a tad insecure. Once early on, I came up with grilled cornish hens stuffed with rye bread and apples etc and they were awesome... from that moment, she co-opted my recipe and barred me from the kitchen! lol

Took her a full decade before she relinquished command of the kitchen enough for me to do my thing. Problem is that you get out-of-practice; it's not that the dishes themselves come out bad, but when you're not in the habit of cooking you lose the ability to TIME them together properly. The perfectly-cooked veggies are getting cold while you wait for the meat to finish.
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Is there any doubt who cooks in my house??? I would never get anything that I really like if my wife cooked as much as I do... It would be pasta every night!

Im sorry but NO THANKS!!!
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I do when we can afford it.....PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
Darn Government caused the wife's work to cut pay,PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif she lost $2.85/hr.
now that's not so cool;she's one of the few there that ACTUALLY takes care of the residents. Those poor old folks.....icon_redface.gif
And I'm afraid I'll be in that predicament soon...........icon_question.gificon_question.gif:icon _question:
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It's me, now.

For the first 40 years we were married, the kitchen was my wife's; I just cooked outdoors.

But then she had back surgery and couldn't stand up long enough to cook anything, so I had to do the cooking.

When she recovered, she said, "You like cooking, don't you?"

I admitted that I did. She said, "Well, I hate it, so I'll make a deal, you cook and I'll clean up." And that's the way we've done it ever since. She's happy, because I'm more adventuresome than she ever was. She tended to cook the tried and true; I'm always looking for new things to try.

There are a few things that she still insists on cooking, like gravy for pot roast and chicken fried steak.
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Just me, I like to cook. icon_mrgreen.gif
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lol Mike!! biggrin.gif
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I would have to agree with Scarebelly - "kids need to learn how to cook"!
I was fortunate enough not to have to deal with divorced parents, but on the flip side, my dad worked very long hours and at one point my mom was working four jobs (bus driver, mail delivery, partime bank job, and hoeing pinto beans on the weekend!) - they were TIRED!!

My mom's solution, and what I contribute my love for cooking (especially BBQ), was rolling in dead tired and calling "Fend for yourself night!"

Have an older bother, and litterally we tried and learned to cook just about anything, we just had to do it. Mom was always there to over the shoulder/fire control/ect.

My wife and I both enjoy cooking, we just don't cook well together!
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It's tough being an outlaw....

I do most of the cooking in and outdoors but Big Al is doing more and more lately. We have the same deal - whoever cooks the other does the dishes - it works for us.
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