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Boston area MES for sale

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I'm selling a 40" Masterbuilt Electric Smokers.
It's been used twice. The racks,water pan and drip pan were never used. I used the ones from my other MES. I have the manual, box and vinyl cover for it.
$175 takes it, I can't ship, so if you're local to the Boston area, come and get it!
Nothing wrong with it, I'm just paring down the herd!
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I added some pics
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This is still available.
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price lowered to $125.
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Man I wish I lived closer, I would buy this from you in a heartbeat.
Unfortunately it would be about a 5 1/2 hour drive for me just to get there so 11 hours round trip. Ouch!
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If I weren't going to Chicago next month, I would almost use this as an excuse to drive to Boston from Michigan for some real fried clams, some Papa Ginos' pizza, and to buy this.
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Damn I would buy it but Boston is alittle far from me to drive there to pick it up. Would be interested if you would ship it.
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I think it would be too costly to ship.
I do have the box with the styrofoam still.
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Sorry, but I don't think I could sell it to you for $1000 after that comment about wanting some Papa Gino's Pizza icon_smile.gif
That's probably about the worst pizza in the area!
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I loved that place as a kid. Sadly, I am sure that like most other franchises I loved growing up, they too have go to crap. Now some Pizzeria Regina, or Frank's Pizza in Weymouth landing, or even our old favorite in Columbian Square, Olympic Pizza would hit the spot still I'm sure.
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Where in Boston you located Frat? I'm about 40 miles south in northern RI, and interested.
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I'm just breaking them on ya!
It's funny, I used to live in Weymouth Heights in my "other" life before the ex and the Weymouth Police asked me to leave!icon_smile.gif It turned out that it was a good thing! I'm in South Boston now.

I have a sale pending. If it falls through (unlikely) I'll contact you.
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........If all deals fail, I can be there on Sunday, I'm in Whitman.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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