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First try at brisket (somewhat)

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I had a corned beef brisket lying around, figured I would make pastrami.

So I debrined it and let it sit in water for a day.

Then I figured I would make smoked corned beef lol

So I had to rebrine for a couple days with my own brining solution.

Rubbed down with mustard and a rub I had previously made.

I never realized how small the brisket gets, this one was about 4 pounds to start with.

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looks real good

Hey deskjockey,
That looks real good! Only wish that my computer screen had a scratch and stiff on it! Does make me hungry looking at the meat!

Thomas biggrin.gif
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Nice thick slices, way to go!!! I did mine over the weekend the same way! Nice work.
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That looks awesome deskjockey... I agree with Thomas
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Nice job on that brisket, thanks for sharing the Q View.
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Very nice looking pastrami I just finished eating mine but I always have a brisket and all I have to do is make corned beef first. I'll show you in a week and half.
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I have to do a real brisket now, this got me hooked on doing them PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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