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Full rack... 1st attempt!

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I have made some country style ribs before, but here is my first shot at a full rack. I was running around trying to get the ribs ready so I didn't get any early picks. I picked these up on sale at my local Wegmans. They came prerubbed and vacuum sealed.

I used the 2.5-1.5-1 method. My fake smoker only goes as low as 270 degrees, so it cooked a little faster than I wanted. 1st shot is after 2.5 hours and getting some sauce before I wrapped it in the foil. the sauce is a mix of store bought BBQ sauce, vinegar, water and most of the spices found here in estimated amounts (I kinda guessed at what looked like a good amount for how much sauce I was making).

Unwrapped after 1.5 hours and another slathering of sauce.

All done!

They turned out GREAT!
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Hey BobbyDrake,

Nice looking first attempt at a first rack! Great pull back on those bones. Points for the successful first attempt! points.gif
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You are on a roll my friend, congrats to you.
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Mighty fine looking ribs sir!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MMmmm. Got a little smoke ring going on there, and nice pull back off the bones. Not to mention they look a might delicious. Good job on your first rack.
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They look like they would melt in your mouth... Great job on your first rack...
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Excellent! Delicious! <drool!>
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Excellent looking ribs.
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Ahhh Looks Good

Great job, looks tasty, go do some more you're on a roll braddah icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks Good. Those pictures make me want to stoke up a fire, but it's pouring.
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Those ribs look great points.gifon your first smoke and nice pull back on the ribs they look yummo and juicy too.
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Wow. Those pulled back like Germany, 1945. Looks awesome.
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