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Spare Ribs and Tenderloin Q-View

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I posted earlier my prep. for these. The ribs turned out fantastic!

I saved the extra meat from the spare ribs and smoked it for a little app.

Wet and dry tenderloins. I soaked these tenderloins in a Apple cider brine with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg etc. for 24 hours. Flavor was not that strong, which was great. I only used a quart of cider and a quart of water.

The feast!

St. Louis style spare ribs, wet and dry apple flavored tenderloin, baked beans, smoke tomato, potato casserole, and Scrip's Southern Cornbread.

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that looks real good
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And FANTASTIC they Look...
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Not bad new guy, not bad at all. Great job, everything looks fantastic.
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Like the looks of all of that.Great job and thank you for Q-VIEW.
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Good looking smoke, Keep up the good work!

Points to you! points.gif
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Great looking Q my friend. Thanks for sharing.
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