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Help with turkey smoking right now please

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its a 12 pounder been cooking since 730 this morning and temp probe says its done but time doesnt seem right cookin about 300 degrees should i take it off?
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Are you working with a calibrated therm? Seems too soon to be thoriughly/safely cooked. Also make sure as to where you place the meat probe, it should be in the thigh area and not touching any bone. Good luck my friend.
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if you are confidant with the therm check several places like the breast not touching bone and thigh. If 170-175 she should be done.
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Like they ^^^^^ both said. You have to make sure your thermo-meter is reading correctly. Then make sure your not touching the bone, I check it in the breast but not more than a couple of inches (2") in. Like they said again check it in a couple of places.
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I have grill/smoked last 20 or so thanksgiving turkey et. at 350 degrees and the time per pound is 14.5 minutes to be 170 degrees internal on average.This has not let me down, but as mentioned cook to the internal.

I stuff my birds so it would be less unstuffed...
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yes therm was reading fine then went way up so i tried a different one and it read high too i will try again
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If you are not confident with your thermo's reading, take a sharp, pointy knife and stab it in about one-half to one inch into the thickest part of the thigh.

If the juices run clear, you are good to go, and pull that puppy out.

If they are pink let it cook about another 45 minutes or so and check again (in a new place)

Good luck, bud! TBS to you!
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turkey turned out good, i was useing a wireless thermometer from walmart and its going back.
thanks for the help
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