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First Butt!

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Hey all!

Up at four, butt's in the smoker, drinkin' some coffee and watchin' the temp via the ET-73 in the kitchen. What a great little device! I do feel a tiny bit guilty cause I'm not "payin' my dues" camped out in the backyard getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Oh and you guys were right. Guage on the door is off by 40-50 degrees. wonder my ribs took so long before.

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You got to love that Et-73, it's got to be the best investment I've made in a long time.
Good luck with your smoke and let us know how it comes out.
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OK, it's daylight now. We need qview. Good luck with your smoke.
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If ya got a Mav73 and ya cook to internal temp it will be all good!
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Ask and ye shall receive.

Just took this during the chip/water re-fill & apple juice spritz.

4hrs, 30min down and 126 degrees.

Looking good!


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Now that is a pretty hunk of meat! Good looking rub too. Keep us posted fro finished product icon_mrgreen.gif
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That is one good looking butt there Planet hill. Keep the Q coming and enjoy.
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Good idea not to trust the factory therm, they are usually off the mark. I don't consider mosquito bites as part of the regular ritual. What ever it takes to make you and yours happy. It's all good my friend.
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Looks perfect!
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That looks great...
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And the grand finale'!

Fresh outta the smoker:

Smoke ring! Not bad, eh?

More than enough for lunch at the office tomorrow:

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