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MES Hot Spot

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I was impressed with PignIt and Ron's solution to the MES 'hot spot' on the right side.


Here is my version of the baffle.

2 brackets found in garage "junk box."
Ceramic Block Magnet from Harbor Freight.

Large L bracket, Small L bracket, magnet.

Attachment 22266

Large L bracket attached to Small L bracket with 2 screws.

Attachment 22267

Magnet on Small L bracket. Rear view.

Attachment 22268

Completed Heat Shield assembly. Front view.

Attachment 22269

Heat Shield assembly with magnet installed inside back of MES.
Position is easily adjusted.

Attachment 22270

I will be using this today with a pulled pork.
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Yo Bud Lite,
I am very interested in your results and PignIt with the heat shield mod. I'm curious why not just put a large metal plate on top of the wood chip/element cover? It seems like a natural place to mount it without having to drill through the cabinet.
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Dale... great setup. I grabbed a couple things in the garage and slapped them in there to see if I could make a noticable difference and I did. Ron did his own test with some foil and it didn't make much of a difference and the the temp difference from side to side is amazing. He used temp probes. I'm going to mess with it some more with some temp probes to see just how much it can be effected. I have another bracket like the one I used and I'm going to extend it further across the back. That should divert some of the heat to the middle of the unit and away from the back corner. I wonder why they didn't put the exhaust ont he other side. That would make some difference too I think.
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That would be another approach.
In any case, by using a magnet there is no need to drill thru the cabinet.
By attaching to be cabinet back (with the magnet) the vertical/horiz position is easily changed.
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I don't have a number of identical thermo probes to do a scientific test,
so I'll leave that to others.
My test will be the next time I do a couple of fatties. Will the one on the right still get done faster? Will see.

Others have also wondered about the exhaust on the other side.
It may have something to do with the temp sensors which are located on the left side. My best guess.
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