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Hungry Ron? This is for you..... Pulled Pastrami Sammie!

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Wonder if Ron Man has had anything to eat this evening? This is that cured chuck roast pulled and steamed over a pan full of kraut, laying on dark pumpernickel bread with swiss cheese melted over top of everything. O my goodness! Smokin tonight Ron?

Hungry Yet?

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Beautiful, just beautiful.
Pulled pastrami sammie.
Everything but the swiss, for me it is either provolone or pepper jack.
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You guy's are killin me on my slim-slow diet...icon_sad.gif

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Please don't change a thing that's the perfect sandwish there pigIt. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I don't think dude will mind if I had one little bite. and a little bite and a little bite.
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A Hole LOL. Yes I want one. I am setttling for a lowly smoked turkey pastramie sammie.

Thanks for rubbing it in buddy.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Looks great man. Congrat's on a great smoke! Thanks for the invite to your dinner too, but I didn't want to hear the ohh's and ahh's from your dinner table.icon_mrgreen.gif
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The olive was Reds idea.... just for you Ron.
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I would take one of those in a heartbeat! Don't be saving them all for Ron.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Tell Red thanks, that will go good with my martini.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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icon_lol.gif words can't desribe. That's one mouth watering looking reuben sammie.Holy moly!!!! Great work.

I gotta get back to smoking some pork, been making fatties the past 3 weeks.
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Like FM said...
Words can't describe

Should have sent a poet.
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This is what I am having Dave Soo lowly me, lol

Smoked and cured turkey breast.

Spicey mustard toasted Kaiser, and horsehradish.
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Hell of a sandwich... had to outdo me didn't you. Ran out of turkey on that one didn't ya? I actually laughed out loud.
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A- Dave,,,,,,,,, A+ for the sandwhich & a D for WINE??, That sammy deserves an ICE COLD BUDWEISER with it. icon_mrgreen.gif Looks Awesome!points.gif
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That is funny Dave I didn't out do you,and that's not what it is about. It is about sharing.

I would rather had your rueben.

I sill have some turkey, yum.
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They both look great... Time for a Sammie Throwdown between Ron & Pignit... biggrin.gif
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That was Reds sammeeee. Mine was bigger. I just couldn't do that to Ron.
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O no! I Bow humbly to the Ron Man without openin the bag of buns. Ron is
"THE" Man. You don't tug on Supermans cape..... you don't spit into the wind.... you don't pull the mask off the lone lone Ranger and you don't mess around with RON.
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Lord, does that look good PignIt points.gifIt looks so juicy and delicious.
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It was and thanks for the points. I'm finding that any time you have the time to cure your own meat for whatever your making.... it's well worth the effort.
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Silver Spring Beer and Brat Horseradish mustard is the best mustard ever! biggrin.gif
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