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Smoked Elk/Pork/Buffalo Meat Balls

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I didn't know quite where to put this. I had about 2 pounds of ground buffalo, 1 1/2 pounds ground elk and about a pound of my homemade bulk Polish sausage. Mixed with panko (oriental bread crumbs, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder and parsley flakes. Flattened out a ball and inserted a cube of muenster cheese. Rolled in Jeff's rub and wrapped with bacon. Smoked at 240 degrees until 155 degrgees, ldled my homemade BBQ sauce over and took to 165 degrees. Good stuff!

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those look great! points!points.gif
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Yep I wish I had some of the wild game meat but since I don't hunt guess I shouldn't complain! Those look wonderful. Buffalo I can get I think.
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Man, that is so unique.Great job and beautiful pics.Points to you.
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Thanks for the points ALX and TW! Rick, if you lived anywhere near here, I'd fix you up with some elk meat. I just pulled out 10 packages of elk steak from 2007 yesterday. Made it all into jerky today using my dehydrator. tongue.gif
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Those are definetly moinkers from the wild side. I love wild game meat it taste so so so good.
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They look great but since he used Buffalo instead of Beef wouldn't they be Boinkers... LOL I just had to...
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Absolutely killer meat balls. My kids would love that. Thanks for the post.
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Well I haven't an Elk at the moment (Wish me luck in Sept.) but I do have lots of Moose left over and a small bit of bear burger left. I can get buffalo at the IGA just across the street from me $1.65 per lb. I will definately have to try that with some asiagio cheese instead of Munster. Your qview has me drooling.

and Yah points.giffor thinking outside the box.
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PS to give beef that game meat flavour add some crushed juniper berries to any marinade. Not a lot mind you just a touch as juniper is quite strong. a smidge of c u min helps give a sense of game meat too.
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looks great. got me itching to fire something up. hungry now.
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