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Several weeks ago I made two UDS smokers. My inaugural smoke was actually both cookers doing MOINK, two butts, and six beer can chickens for about 40 people. TOO BUSY to get any action photos of the first cook.icon_sad.gif

However, here is some QVIEW of my second cook.....just some ribs before we head to the rodeo tonight.

Here are the tools of the trade

Ribs rubbed and ready

Ribs on the smoke

UDS doing its job

More to come when they are done.
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Ribs Look Good... Glad your inaugural smoke went OK... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ribs are looking good so far.
Have fun tonight.
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Looking to see the finale ! MMM
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Everything is looking mighty good so far keep it up. I'll make sure and check back in for sure.
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Tic..... Toc.....

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