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Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Yehaaaa

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Bacon, Ribs, Stuffed Pablano, Snake Bitten Wicked Beans.

Well I fully intended just to do a few racks of ribs for Sandy and I but with the bosses wife laid up with a broken ankle and wrist and his sick father being taken care of in the home it grew into our breakfast, lunch, and supper, care package smoke. First Pics are of a CBP incrusted CB smoke. The second pics are stuffed Pablanos with cream cheese, 3 blend Italian cheese, Italian spicy sausage, and green chilies. The last pics are prep and smoke of tonight’s supper St. Louis style ribs that are remarkable if I do say so! LOL

All loaded up on my Lang.




I am delivering beans, ribs, peppers, for 3 tomorrow to help out. Tonight I am too full to move! LOL
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Great looking spread Rick !! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The ribs & peppers look great but the CB looks to die for... points.gif
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holy kyrobie,look at all that good stuff!! Points dude!
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Rick, that was fantastic chow as is your usual. You make the impressive look like your everyday stuff....which is TRUE!

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Nice looking meal, Rick!
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What a hell of a pread!
Everything looks great as usual. Loved those poblano ABTs!
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Thank you very much.
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You mean if my wife would just happen to get a broke ankle and a wrist too. I could have you bring me food like thats. Honey come here. No thats some really good eating and a very nice jester of you rick. Your a nice guy that can really smoke stuff like that.
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Whew.Lucky to have friends/co-workers etc. like yourself.AWESOME...
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That's a fine looking load of food, Rick! You know how to get a guy drooling.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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