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choosing ribs

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Hey guys, just wondered what are some things you look for when picking out a rack of babybacks? I have been buying mine from the local grocery store that supposedly has the "best meat in town." But I have gotten a couple racks from there and noticed an off color tint to a small spot on the top. When cooked it turns a dark grey color and does not look very good. Anyone know what this is? I'm still pretty new at this so what should I be looking for when choosing a rack? Thanks for the advice!
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Cant help ya with the spot, but I would say, pick out the rack that has the most bend to it. Meaning if you pick it up in the middle with a pair of tongs, the one with the most bend will usually end up being the most tender. That is of course unless they are wrapped up in plastic, then you couldnt do that.
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Anything that turns "greyish" in color does not sound like it's safe for consumption. When I purchase bb's I usually buy them in packs of 3, and look for the ones that are bright, to medium, pink. If they are darker than that, it's ok, just as long as they don't look a dark brown, or grey.
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When buying wholesale the smaller the better. Usually 1 3/4 # and down, but I doubt you will find them at the retail level that small.
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thanks everyone
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if u have a sams club or costco there they have good meats-grey is not good-spots either
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